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Built on integrity, innovation, and a history of superior service, we thrive in the competitive insurance environment. Our historical success enables us to identify new opportunities, adapt our solutions and services to meet changing market demands, and satisfy the various needs of our customers.

Who We Are

Since our beginning, we have known that doing the best for our customers requires constant persistence and vision. The cheetah, which represents vision, swiftness, strength, and agility, embodies our company culture and has served as a symbol for Brown & Brown, Inc. since the 1980s.

Brown & Brown is one of the largest and most respected insurance brokerages in the world. From large multinational organizations to small businesses and personal insurance, we develop comprehensive insurance risk management and financing solutions to fit your objectives. Your risks are unique and deserve equally unique options that provide appropriate coverage to reduce or transfer your risk. By leveraging our unparalleled expertise and market strength, we guide you through every step of the process.

A key differentiator from our competitors is our decentralized operating model, which allows us to maintain prideful relationships with our customers, carriers, and our local community. Our decentralized structure is key! It allows decisions to be made at the local level, eliminating rigid rules and bureaucratic interference that can slow progress and stifle new ideas. It also lends itself to high-quality customer service.

Our History

Brown & Brown Insurance was established in Daytona Beach, FL in 1939. After growing throughout the sunshine state, Brown & Brown decided to expand past its state borders. In 1998, Brown & Brown completed its first acquisition outside of the state of Florida, thus Brown & Brown of Ohio was born. Starting primarily as a Property & Casualty agency with the first Ohio acquisition, Brown & Brown of Ohio has grown into a leading Employee Benefits operation since the acquisition of Great Lakes Risk Management and the eventual leadership of Ben Goff. Our most recent accomplishments have been the expansion of our departments’ portfolio of services. These enhancements include our Employee Benefits team’s focus on plan sponsors with 100+ members, our Commercial Property & Casualty team’s focus on risk management and financing strategies and our Personal Lines team’s focus on a concierge level of planning and services.

As Brown & Brown of Ohio continues to grow, we have become a mentor to other Brown & Brown teams in our region and beyond. We have been able to set best practices in not only the Employee Benefits space, but also through our technology solutions, customer support methods, and more. The Ohio team has a strong and proud history; however, our focus has been, and always will be, on our future and how we can continue to innovate and improve.

Experience, dedication & accuracy.
That is what we are made of.

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360 Three Meadows Drive

Perrysburg, OH 43551