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Your exposures are unique and deserve equally unique solutions that reduce and address your business risks. Our solutions meet the needs of companies ranging from small retail establishments to multinational corporations.


Before You Hire Our Team…

We conduct a thorough analysis of your existing policies. We never take your current risk management program from another agent and assume it is the best option for your business. During our analysis, we will read through your entire insurance policy and offer solutions to enhance your coverages. Along with identifying any issues, we illustrate the impact these may have on your business. Throughout all of this, we do our homework and strive to change the mindset of the insurance buying process.

Along with our coverage analysis, we have the capabilities to help you evaluate and implement alternative risk transfer strategies. Selling your risk is the most common financing strategy; however, captives are an emerging strategy that enable business owners to better control their risk. Our team can provide the information needed to develop programs that provide a greater level of self-awareness when it comes to managing your risk.

After You Hire Our Team…

We continue to conduct these analyses every year, tracking any changes to your business and ensuring you have the best insurance program available in the market. In addition, throughout the year if you need to make changes to your policy, our team is always ready to assist you. Aside from making changes to your policy, here are some examples of what we do once you hire our team.

Certificates of Insurance

Whether you are a contractor that requires this document before working on a project, or you are a tenant in a building where a landlord requires coverage, these certificates are a common request of many insureds. These requests are taken seriously and are addressed quickly, typically in less than one hour after receipt. A part of this process is to review your contract where the insurance wording is included so we can give you the knowledge that you are signing this document and fully complying.

Claims Support & Advocacy

When an unfortunate situation occurs, you need assistance immediately. We provide you 24/7 claims support so you know what to do in the event of an auto accident, injured worker, a fire at your location, or a lawsuit. Once the claim is filed, your carrier is contacted, and an adjuster is assigned with a claim number to assist you through the process. Your best interest is our highest priority, and our team is involved every step of the way. It is important to us that your claim is handled as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Workers’ Compensation Mod Management

All workers’ compensation policies have an experience mod factor which is based on your past premiums and losses. Our team has been educated in the inner workings of this factor to provide you a look into your business’s future expenses, as much as possible. Not only do we have an understanding of mods, but we also have access to a program that enables us to show you predictions and “what if” scenarios when it comes to improving your mod. We also provide knowledge to help when a worker is injured, getting them back to work as quickly as possible with various programs and loss control options that fit into your business model.

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