Industry Specializations

The risks associated with each business are as unique as the business itself.

Our business insurance team prides themselves on being able to develop comprehensive insurance solutions to cover almost any business that comes our way. However, where we thrive is within these six industries.

Agribusiness & Farms

From small family farms to equipment dealers to co-operatives, our team understands the world of agriculture and its importance to our communities. With multiple in-house specialists that were born and raised in the agriculture industry and specific insurance carrier partners, we are able to provide the knowledge, coverage, and economical programs you need.


Our team has years of experience in understanding contractors and their needs. Recognizing that every type of project requires the appropriate coverage and understanding recent legal changes that affect a contractor’s risk management program is all a part of our everyday duties. We provide some of the broadest coverage programs available in the marketplace and explain these benefits to the contractor so they are able to make informed decisions for their company.


From small tool & die shops to international heavy machine fabrication, all manufacturers need the same type of assistance in understanding their risk and how it will affect their customers and the public. With the support of our carrier partners, we include the appropriate loss control of buildings and equipment for each customer to not only help in that understanding of the associated risks but also to promote the safety of employees as well as the protection of assets. It is imperative to ask detailed questions to make sure that appropriate coverages are in place for products as they travel through the distribution system to the end user.


Unlike a for-profit business, nonprofits and other social services have unique coverages that can be overlooked without a detailed analysis of the risk program. It is critical to identify potential liability risks and to have appropriate coverages in place to keep an operation running seamlessly. We have been very successful in partnering with specialized carriers that understand this sector and tailor coverages and programs to meet your needs. 


Whether it is restaurants or hotels, we have the insight to ask appropriate questions and obtain answers on being compliant with the franchise agreements or city ordinance for safety in this industry. Keeping the public safe and comfortable is the main objective of our customers, and we partner with them to develop their unique risk program so that they can concentrate on the growth of their business.

Temporary Staffing

This industry is always changing. These businesses need a program that is structured to meet their needs on an immediate basis, should a new opportunity arise. We have immediate turnaround for specific rates that are required for them to include in a bid and also allow the administration of that new job to be easy to handle on a daily basis. Coverages are important, but having the ease of making immediate decisions that affect their risk management program is critical.

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