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Is Brown & Brown an insurance company?

No, Brown & Brown is a licensed Independent Insurance Agency.

Is Brown & Brown a public company?

Brown & Brown is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brown & Brown, Inc., which is publicly traded on the NYSE (symbol BRO). Brown & Brown, Inc. is one of the nation’s largest insurance intermediaries (as reported by Business Insurance magazine). Visit www.bbinsurance.com.

How long has Brown & Brown been in business?

Brown & Brown traces its roots back to 1939.

What does an 'Independent Agent' mean?

As Independent Agents, we are licensed by states to sell insurance products that assist our clients in covering risk. Our independent status allows us to represent the client impartially. We are able to review and select the appropriate carriers and products that will best meet the client's needs.

What types of products does Brown & Brown of Ohio provide?

Brown & Brown does not provide products. We help our clients enter into contracts with different insurers and service vendors, and we consider ourselves first and foremost as our client's representative...not the representative of the insurance companies! We help our clients with a wide range of solutions, from business risk management, employee benefit plans, personal insurance, and non-trucking liability. Please click on the individual divisions for a complete list of services.

What services can I expect from Brown & Brown?

Brown & Brown acts as a trusted advisor on personal matters, a risk consultant on your business management, and an extension of your human resources team on employee issues. We are a full-service agency designed to effectively manage your personal and professional insurance portfolio.

Does Brown & Brown serve non profit organizations?

Yes, Brown & Brown supports many non profit organizations with the same commitment and products given to for-profit organizations.

How does Brown & Brown treat my personal information?

Brown & Brown is committed to keeping your personal and business information 100% confidential. For a complete explanation of how your data will be treated, please see our privacy policy in the footer below.

Can Brown & Brown provide service outside of Ohio?

Yes, Brown & Brown is licensed in all states and can effectively represent your interests both regionally and nationally.

How does Brown & Brown make its money?

You pay us. Brown & Brown receives a percentage of your premium or a flat fee from the insurance carriers. This is the industry standard. However, we view the insurance carrier as our Accounts Receivables department. You pay our fees and the insurance company remits the check to us. Many of our peers simply do not view this relationship as we do, and some do not fully disclose how much they are being paid. Brown & Brown of Ohio believes in 100% full disclosure on brokerage commissions and service fees.

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