Brown & Brown is, at its foundation, a meritocracy. This means that our employees rise and fall on their individual merit. We value personal responsibility, integrity and success while supporting the concept of a true team, both in environment and practicality. We operate as a group of decentralized profit centers offering stability, service and opportunity to our employees and clients.

You’ll see images of cheetahs throughout Brown & Brown culture. Why a cheetah? Our former CEO Hyatt Brown identified the cheetah as the perfect mascot. A cheetah is a lean predator who knows every day that it needs to run faster than the slowest gazelle in order to eat. The cheetah is dependent upon its pack as well as its own skills and will in order to survive.

We believe that our team must stay mobile and agile, constantly moving and responding to our clients’ needs and wants. Brown & Brown now operates under the leadership of J. Powell Brown, who also embraces this concept. Here is a Rudyard Kipling poem that Mr. Brown adapted in 2009 for an address to the company:

bbi emblem


Now this is the law of the Jungle
as old and as true as the sky;
And the cheetah that shall keep it may prosper
but the cheetah that shall break it must die.
As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk
the law runneth forward and back
For the strength of the pack is the cheetah
and the strength of the cheetah
is the pack.



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