Whether you have fifty employees or one thousand, your employee benefit plan can directly affect the success of your business. In order to attract and retain top-quality employees, it’s crucial to offer them the types of benefits they most want and need. You also need to consider the financial and legal impact on your business, and choose the benefits and components that will protect and enhance your assets.

Now, more than ever, compliance with federal and state regulations is overshadowing the more foundational task of choosing which plans to offer.  Reporting, disclosure requirements, preparing for audits, and helping your employees navigate their individual requirements for health insurance are adding more and more actions to your already-full plate.

At Brown & Brown of Ohio, we have a team of specialists that is uniquely suited to meet the needs of your organization, and will do so with dedication, knowledge, and a standard of excellence that outpaces our peers, even many of our peers within the greater Brown & Brown family. We work with each client to select components that make sense for your business and your employees. We’ll help you create and manage an employee benefit package that builds both employee productivity and your bottom line.

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