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Keep Your Garage Safe

It’s often tempting to make your garage a place to shove anything and everything that you don’t need at that moment. But there are plenty of items that can quickly become hazards if stored improperly:

  • Extra gasoline or fuel—The garage might seem like a logical place to keep gas cans and propane tanks, but there are often other items that can ignite flammable fuel, such as water heaters and power tools.
  • Food—It’s tempting to buy in bulk, but storing extra provisions in the garage can serve as an invitation to uninvited guests like rats and other vermin. A garage without controlled temperatures can also cause food to spoil, and even canned goods can freeze and lose quality.
  • Clothing and bedding—Animals, such as raccoons, will often turn extra blankets or shirts into a nest, and uncontrolled climates or insects can also damage more delicate clothing.
  • Paint—Paint and other home-improvement chemicals can be ruined by extreme temperatures.
  • Paperwork and photos—Moisture can ruin important documents like passports and marriage certificates, as well as cherished photos.

Personal items should be stored indoors, in a closet or in a climate-controlled environment. Things like fuel and propane should be stored in a separate shed away from potential hazards.

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